Collecting for Annual Alliston Potato Festival Book Sale


It’s that time of the year again, when the library is collecting donations for our annual Alliston Potato Festival Book Sale. Potato Festival weekend is August 10, 11 & 12, 2018, and our book sale will fall on the Saturday.

We are happy to accept books in EXCELLENT (like new) condition for the book sale. Please note, no materials older than 2 year will be accepted unless in good condition.

Please bring your donations to the front desk. Library staff will look at them and take what we are able to accept.

We are unable to accept:

  • National Geographic Magazines
  • Encyclopedia
  • Reader’s Digest Books
  • Damaged or Mouldy Books
  • Textbooks

For items that we cannot accept, consider taking them to one of the many thrift stores and second-hand book stores in New Tecumseth.

**Please bring your donations to the Memorial Branch in Alliston 

17 Victoria St. E.**

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Beat the Heat – Love 2 Learn

Extreme Heat Stop SignCanadian summers can get hot -very hot! After a long cold winter the summer heat can be very welcoming – but if the temperature gets to be too hot it can become very dangerous.

Extreme heat events involve high temperature and high humidity. Extreme heat can also result in heat exhaustion and heat stroke both of which are considered medical emergencies. The unusually high heat can have negative impacts on your health with some individuals at a higher risk of contracting a heat related illnesses than others.   Individuals could struggle with the effects of heat stress → this is when hot humid conditions and physical activity overcomes the body’s natural cooling system.

The following groups of people are considered to be in the high risk category: infants under 1 year, those who work outdoors, homeless, individuals who exercise vigorously or play outdoor sports, individuals living in homes that are poorly ventilated or without cooling devices, pregnant women, individuals who are overweight (retain body heat) and individuals aged 65 or older.

Have you listened to an extreme heat warning and wondered “Why seniors? Why are they at risk in this heat?” then this month’s Love 2 Learn seminar is for you!

A representative from the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit will be this month’s guest speaker. They will share information on why seniors are considered to be High Risk Individuals and what we can do to stay cool. We’ll learn about the various heat illness and what the signs, causes and treatment are for them.

Our program will be on Tuesday July 24th from 2pm to 3pm in the afternoon in the Older Adult Room in the Tottenham Fitness and Community Centre.

A minimum number of participants are required for this program to run with our Guest Speaker. Please contact me at jdresser@ntpl.ca with “Love 2 Learn: Beat the Heat” in the subject line to register. Drop-ins will be allowed space permitted.


Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit


Ministry of Labour


Ministry of Health


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


– Justine D.

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Tottenham Community Week & Cozy Music

TWCIt’s Tottenham Community Week! There’s something happening every day for Community Week. Find out more at their website, then come on out and get to know your community!

Cosima-Grunsky-Cat 4Inch

NTPL is pleased to be offering FREE tickets to

Cozy Music

with Cosima Grunsky on Thursday, July 5th. This fun-filled concert for children is being held at the Tottenham Fitness and Community Centre at 10:30 am. Drop by your local branch of the library to pick up your free tickets! Can’t make it to the library in time? Never fear! Any tickets still available will be at the door.  Please note that all attendees require a ticket. Maximum 4 tickets per family.

See you there!

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Summer Sizzle Book Club Returns

Tangerine_ManganThe Summer Sizzle Book Club returns August 23rd, featuring the novel Tangerine by Christine Mangan.

“Tangerine is a sharp dagger of a book—a debut so tightly wound, so replete with exotic imagery and charm, so full of precise details and extraordinary craftsmanship, it will leave you absolutely breathless.”
“As if Donna Tartt, Gillian Flynn, and Patricia Highsmith had collaborated on a screenplay to be filmed by Hitchcock – suspenseful and atmospheric.” Joyce Carol Oates  
Join us for a discussion of both the book and genre; refreshments will be served.


Thursday, August 23rd

7-9 pm

D.A. Jones Branch, Beeton

For more information or to register, please all 905-729-3726.

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Word of the Week

whiteboardBlank  pens

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NTPL’s Summer Programs for Children & Families

When you’re planning your family’s summer activities, keep NTPL in mind. We have a full line-up of programs and special events for children and families this summer!

TD Summer Reading Club

Sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club at any of our branches and get cool, free stuff. Challenge yourself to explore the fun of reading in your way and track your results to see if you can read more! Check out online activities at www.tdsummerreadingclub.ca to connect and share with others, read online books and join in online activities. Find out more about summer activities at your branch!

Cozy Music

10:30 am
Thursday, July 5
Tottenham Fitness & Community Centre
139 Queen Street North

A fun-filled concert for children performed by Cosima Grunsky. Limited free tickets available in advance at your local branch
when children sign up for TD Summer Reading Club at NTPL.
All attendees require a ticket. Maximum 4 tickets per family.

Lively Tales

Drop-in, Free

Join us for songs, rhymes, stories and a simple craft. Adult attends to encourage participation. All welcome.

10:15 am

Tottenham:    Tuesdays July 10, 17, 24, August 14, 21

Beeton:          Wednesdays July 11, 18, 25, August 15, 22

Alliston:         Thursdays July 12, 19, 26, August 15, 23

Lemonade Club

Drop-in, Free

Drop in for book tales, activities and make/take crafts. Yes! Lemonade is offered. Material geared for children 5 years and up. Free!

1:00 pm

Tottenham:     Thursdays July 12, 19, 26, August 16, 23

Family Friendly Movies

Free, drop-in family-friendly movies. Popcorn & juice provided! Titles of films to be announced.

2:00 pm
Alliston:                    Thursdays July 5, 12, 19, 26
Beeton:                     Friday July 20

Free Family Fun

Join us for board games, build with Lego and Hexbugs’ Habitat and more!

All Branches. Anytime. All Summer Long.

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Book Review: The Crucible

CrucibleThe Crucible

By: Arthur Miller

This powerful book, written originally for the theatre, is haunting and still relatable today. Set in seventeenth century Massachusetts, at the height of the witch-hunting hysteria, is the story of good and evil in a town obsessed with upholding Puritan morality. The story follows John Proctor as he is slowly sucked into the crooked politics of the religious and power-hungry residents. The plot is a metaphor for the McCarthy era’s mania with communism and its followers. Intense and moving, this book highlights the power of peer pressure, and what it means to be a person of integrity and moral conviction.

– Alix G.

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TD Summer Reading Club

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, when school gets out and summer fun begins. NTPL is pleased to be part of the TD Summer Reading Club again for 2018.


foxandkidWhat is the TD Summer Reading Club? We’re so glad you asked! It’s Canada’s biggest bilingual summer reading program for kids of all ages, interests and abilities. It’s a free program co-created & delivered by more than 2,000 public libraries across Canada. TD Summer Reading Club celebrates Canadian authors, illustrators and stories. Inspiring kids to explore the fun or reading their way & building  a lifelong love of reading.

bearreadingWhy is it special?  Participation can happen anywhere – at local public libraries (like NTPL), at home, online, on the road… wherever summer takes you.

Kids (and their caregivers) get to explore recommended reads; track their own reading; connect and share with others across the country; read books online; join in activities; collect reading incentives; write jokes, stories and book reviews, and more.

What’s more, there are great resources for kids with print disabilities as well as for pre-readers and their families.

fox.pngHow Can I Be A Part of It? Sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club beginning Saturday June 16th at any of our branches and get cool, free stuff. Challenge yourself to explore the fun of reading in your way and track your results to see if you can read more!

Check out online activities at www.tdsummerreadingclub.ca to connect and share with others, read online books and join in online activities. Find out more about summer activities at your branch!


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Shutterbug Shoot Out or Point & Shoot Vs. DSLR

DSLR vs Point-and-ShootDSLR or Point & Shoot?? Are you a patient shooter or a wild gun?? Which camera will help you make your mark? Each of these has its own pros and cons, but is one truly better than the other? In preparation for our next Tech Talk Seminar on digital photography, we will look at the differences between these two types of cameras. Let’s start with the pros and cons of a Point & Shoot.

The P&S cameras are often referred to as fixed lens cameras, because the point and shoot are unable to change lenses. The lenses are built directly into the camera body. A point and shoot camera is considered very easy to use, as they doesn’t offer quite the level of manual control options that a DSLR offers. You just point the camera at the subject and shoot.  These are common features of the Point & Shoot category, however not all cameras in this category are the same. The compact size and light weight of most Point & Shoot cameras make them a go to for a quick and convenient option for the novice photographer and snap happy shutterbug. This style of camera tends to be easier on the pocket book, with lower price points and maintenance costs.         

The simpler design of the Point & Shoot camera and fixed lens create a massive field of depth that does its best to bring everything in frame in to focus. This tries to make the entire scene look sharp.  Depending on the feel and focus of the photograph this could be good and bad at the same time. This is also one of the cons of the point and shoot cameras.

Lola Elise writes “While a point and shoot gets your entire scene nicely in focus, there is not much you can do to isolate your subject from the background and make it look soft and blurry.” (DSLR vs Point and Shoot Camera).  This issue stems from the second and third cons of the P&S cameras, limited control and lack of adaptability. These models are meant to be a quick and easy use cameras, giving the user “…very limited control over aperture and shutter speed, there is no distance marking on the lens and the cameras are tougher to control in manual mode. … point and shoot cameras give much less control over the process of taking pictures.” (DSLR vs Point and Shoot Camera).  The functionality of your camera will of course be partially determined by the camera you buy. Point and shoot cameras come in a wide range of models and each has different features and controls. The more you are willing to spend the more you will have access to.

Many of people, myself included, have wondered with the constant improvement of the cameras on our everyday carry devices, such as phones and tablets, why do we need point and shoot cameras? There are a few advantages to the Point and Shoot that make it a worthwhile investment. Craig Lloyd over at How To Geek  wants us to keep in mind “…there are still a few areas in which point-and-shoot cameras are superior to the phone in your pocket.” in his article Four Ways Point-and-Shoot Cameras Still Beat Smartphones.  Lloyd points out four important things to consider 1) Point and Shoots Save Your Phone’s Battery Life & Storage, 2) If You Need to Zoom In, 3) You Want More Control Over Your Photos, and 4) You Want Better Quality Photos, Especially in Low Light.

An easy way to help understand why the quality of the photo changes with the device in hand is demonstrated below quite well. Digital device capture images on a Charged-Couple Device (CCD). The CCD is allocated two important numbers the first is the number of pixels and the second is its physical size. In most phones 12 megapixels is standard, yet the CCDs physical size, as we see, is rather small in comparison to what might be found in a point and shoot camera.  The Canon PowerShot is 12 megapixels as well, but has a larger CCD. The pixel count on both is the same: however the CCD in the camera is larger allowing a greater number of sensors, allowing for more light to be captured and thus a clearer picture. Even if the megapixel count is lower the larger CCD will alway allow for a clearer picture. This is why a DSLR will alway produce a cleaner, higher grade photo than its counterparts.

DSLR vs Point-and-Shoot2

 I’ve been dancing around DSLRs now and I think it is only fair to give them the once over. The Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras provide the photographer with greater control over the camera through a greater selection of lenses, available settings and superior shutter and focus speed. With the use of the reflective lens the image you see is what the lens sees, presenting a truer sense of what you are photographing. This is quite different from the lower end point and shoot cameras  ( as seen in the image below).

DSLR vs Point-and-Shoot3

DSLR cameras are a greater investment for the burgeoning photographer. The initial cost, plus an assortment of lens, a protective bag or case, will attest to the expense behind the camera. As Lola Elise explains to readers, “…the expense does not stop with the camera – good lenses typically cost more than the camera itself and you will have to cash out on other accessories (larger camera bags, filters, memory cards, etc). To get started, an entry-level camera with a kit lens will cost you anywhere between $500-800. That’s just the initial cost. Overtime, you might spend three times as much on accessories alone.”(Elise)

These DSLR cameras are an investment, and with proper maintenance should last you far longer than most point and shoot cameras. Please don’t underestimate the importance of what it will take to maintain the camera. With interchangeable lenses and accessories the chance of dust and dirt gathering on the lens and sensors is greater.

The cost of maintenance on a DSLR is much higher than on a point and shoot. The camera sensor can get dirty and dust can get into lenses. While all manufacturers have some sort of a warranty period, there is no guarantee that things will keep on working when the warranty expires. Obviously, the cost of repair on DSLRs and lenses can get outrageously expensive. You will have to learn how to care for your camera and lenses to prevent dust accumulation and other mechanical problems. (Elise)

Dust on an image sensor is a real annoyance, as it will leave your images looking spotty or blotchy. Cleaning your image sensor is not for the faint of  heart and I recommend that you get it done professionally ($$$). This is becoming less of an issue with many new DSLRs being released with self cleaning sensors.

So where do you see yourself in this shootout? Are you quick on the draw with your point and shoot?? Or are you a waiting for the right shoot with your DSLR??

– Scott M.

Want to learn more? Register today for NTPL’s Tech Assist Seminar: Digital Photography.

TA Digital Photography Poster

Call the D.A. Jones Branch 905-729-3726 to register. Space is limited.

Update: The Digital Photography Seminar scheduled for today, June 19th, has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Love 2 Learn: Let’s Stay Physical

L2L-Lets Stay PhysicalThis month’s Love 2 Learn program is all about how to stay active after retirement. I asked and you answered! Why is keeping active so important and how much activity do we need every week?

According to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines Adults between the ages of 18 – 64 150 minutes of activity per week can reduce the risk of the following:

  • Premature Death
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Certain types of Cancer
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Overweight and Obesity

For adults over the age of 65 completing 150 minutes of physical activity per week has many benefits including:

  • Maintaining functional independence
  • Maintaining mobility
  • Improving Fitness
  • Improving or maintaining body weight
  • Maintaining mental health and feeling better
  • Maintaining bone health

Physical activity can be as simple as walking. Did you know that over half of our muscles are designed for walking? It’s the most popular physical activity in Canada.

Our seminar will focus on the benefits of physical activity and what we mean by physical activity. Both Heart and Stroke and ParticipAction include a wide range of physical activities from walking the dog, gardening, golfing, climbing stairs, mall walking, yoga, bowling, hiking and more all of which are considered as physical activity – no gym membership or fitness equipment required!

I grew up watching fitness gurus Hal Jordan and Joanne McLeod; their catch phrase was “Keep Fit and Have Fun!” How do we do this? How can we stay motivated and engaged in our physical fitness? How do you find a gym that’s right for you?

Love 2 Learn is a free seminar based program open to adults. There’s no registration required for this program. Let’s Stay Physical, will be on Tuesday June 12th from 2pm to 3pm at the Tottenham Fitness & Community Centre. If you would like to know more about this month’s seminar or future Love 2 Learn programs please contact me at jdresser@ntpl.ca.

– Justine D.


Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Heart and Stroke Health Seekers – “What Type of Exercise Should I do?

Heart and Stroke Health Seekers – “Tips to Get Physically Active

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