Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Divergent Series)

Reviewer: Bronwyn


Insurgent is a book about a girl who struggles to see the right and the wrong in her deteriorating society. Tris Prior’s past keeps haunting her and she does not know how much longer she can go on. The factions of her world are at war with each other. Sides are chosen, challenges are made, and a secret unfolds that could be the cause of this war. Tris becomes part of something bigger than anything she thought was possible. Now, not only after everything that is happening, Tris might be losing the one person she has ever loved. The problem: she does not know if she can do anything about it.


I loved the book! It had everything I look for when I read: action, adventure, and a little bit of romance. I loved different parts of the book because it was all so unique and different. It is interesting seeing this world through the eyes of its author’s imagination. I absolutely adored Divergent, but I also really liked Insurgent as well.


When Veronica Roth portrayed the characters as happy, my heart soared along with them and when they were sad, I was too. There was enough action in the book to satisfy my thirst for adventure. I finished reading the book and thought “is there going to be another one?” I really hope there will be.


I think all sorts of people will love Insurgent, including adults. My one recommendation is to read this book after its predecessor, Divergent. Don’t do what I have done and start with the second or third book in a series – it gets awfully confusing! Thumbs up to anyone who liked this book as much as I did! If not, oh well, there is always something else out there for you!


Have fun and hope you enjoy it!

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